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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chad Cushman, known as "The Crepe Guy"

It was a typical Sunday except it is Father's Day 2014. I like to say "everyday is fathers day at my house".  Cindy and I were walking the bike path and ran into out good friends Bob and Kathy (check Kathy out at Dr. Kathy Kaminski Exercise & Nutrition Physical Fitness · Active Life · Personal Coaching)
We decided to meet up at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Bettendorf Iowa. Bob mentioned they have an amazing "crepe chef" there. So we meet up around 9:30. He's there from 9 to 1 every sunday.
WOW what a treat! Check Chad out on face book and on the web! https://www.facebook.com/cushmancrepes     and     http://www.thecrepeguy.com

The Crepe Guy's delicious and unique crepes have become a staple of both food lovers and the food shy throughout the Quad Cities area.  Chad Cushman, known as "The Crepe Guy," can be found Saturday's at the Freight House Farmers Market and Sundays at Dunn Brothers Coffee — serving a new selection of freshly made crepes to eager stomachs. 

Savory or Sweet...

Crepe-lover or not, a weekend visit to the Crepe Guy has become a must for both culinary adventurists, and the pickiest of eaters. The Crepe Guy's specialty crepes stretch far beyond the typical classic French crepe, taking inspiration from culinary traditions the world over.
Chad makes each crepe by hand on a traditional, cast-iron crepe pan using his own special crepe recipe. Each week he offers up two new unique culinary creations for fans,  a savory option and a sweet option — made with fresh ingredients.

Sample Menu

Braised pork shoulder + white cheddar + apple butter + pecan slaw + maple boejits vinaigrette

Fresh plum + sweet ricotta cream + candied almonds + lemon-thyme honey

BLT" Maple pepper bacon + artisan local greens + tomato jam + melba toast streusel + basil aioli

Fresh berries + sweet ricotta cream + cocoa pecan granola + rosemary syrup

The menu today was....



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